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- Evanna Lynch, Actor, London UK

"Your bags are beautiful! I bought a gorgeous green bag from your collection a few years ago and wear it all the time, so I'm a big fan :) Absoloutely love your commitment to vegan fashion. Thank you for your work.

- Evanna Lynch, Actor, London UK

Love People . Love Animals . Love Planet®

- Emily Deschanel, Actor, Hollywood

"I love my cruelty free bag from GUNAS! It is wonderful that I can wear something that expresses my style while also having the peace of mind that no animals were harmed making it!"

- Emily Deschanel, Actor, Hollywood
- Taryn Manning, Actor, LA USA

"As a lover of humans, faith and especially animals thank you for not causing needless torture to any animal. I love that fact that GUNAS NEW YORK is animal friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, sweat shop-free, and all about sustainability. Also thank you for all your charity work and vegan activism. You're doing amazing things with your brand"

- Taryn Manning, Actor, LA USA
  • Love People
    Love People

    Handmade & Sweatshop Free

  • Love Animals
    Love Animals

    Intentionally & Always Animal Free

  • Love Plants
    Love Plants

    Environmentally Conscious & Plant-Based