Gunas Diaries

01 Jan

Vegan Leather Purse Brands - They’re Not Just for Vegans

Fast fashion not only influences our wardrobe choices, but also impacts the world that we live in. In an almost insurmountable negative way then we can possibly imagine, fashion has compromised our...

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28 Dec

Must Have Vegan Purses to Add to your Wardrobe

The demand for chic cruelty-free products is increasing, and many brands are nowadays committed to creating non-leather products that protect not only animals but the environment as well. Vegan pur...

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20 Dec

Is Vegan Leather Fabric a Sustainable Alternative to Animal Leather?

The production of traditional leather is not just an ethical concern of rearing and slaughtering of animals. Its consequences on the planet and human beings alike are greater. The leather and tanni...

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09 Dec

How to Clean Vegan Leather

Faux leather, also known as vegan leather, is produced synthetically using PU (polyurethane). Undeniably, it’s a great option for those who’ve taken a stand against animal cruelty. Bags and shoes m...

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04 Dec

9 Best Animal Movies That Will Make You Feel Warm & Fuzzy Inside

There are so many remarkable stories about our furry friends, real and reel alike. The cinematic world has been able to capture some of the most beautiful animal stories and bring them to life on t...

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29 Nov

Animal Leather vs Ethical Leather: Know Your Leather

For the betterment of our planet, sustainability and responsible fashion have been a worldwide agenda since the past few years. The current pandemic has amplified the issue of not using eco-friendl...

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